General Musings

AP Classes: Why do our kids work so hard?

My husband and I trudged back and forth across campus last night at back to school night. Six teachers attempted to dazzle (or perplex, depending on the teacher’s personality) all of us parents with how much our wonderful kids were going to learn this coming year. The main theme...


Take a Break from Parenting

  This past trip to Hawaii was the first time my husband and I have taken a vacation without the kids. I felt guilty about leaving them behind and worried what was going to happen while we were gone from home for two weeks. But my husband kept reminding...


Inspiration Hawaii

A trip away from our usual surroundings often leads to inspiration. I would like to say that our recent trip to Hawaii inspired me to write the great American novel. No such luck. But it was incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating, and I did find myself inspired to come home...