Inspiration Hawaii


A trip away from our usual surroundings often leads to inspiration. I would like to say that our recent trip to Hawaii inspired me to write the great American novel. No such luck. But it was incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating, and I did find myself inspired to come home and try to get the word out about my book.

My goal with my book is to teach kids the nuts and bolts about managing their money. And this is not money in the abstract; it is their hard-earned allowance money. So not only are they learning about managing money, but they are also learning that you have to go to work (or at least do chores) to earn a paycheck. If they are less than enthusiastic about doing their chores, their allowance can be reduced accordingly.

I will periodically post tips for parents here on my site. Some of the tips will be from my book, and some will just be those I learned in the trenches of parenting. I hope you find these tips helpful and informative. Please let me know what you think, and if you have anything to add from your own experience, do share with us. As parents, we have to stick together and inform each other about what works with kids, and what doesn’t. It’s nice to know that we aren’t alone when it comes to dealing with the myriad issues of parenting.


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